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Manufactured and modular homes are built following a strict safety and construction code that is enforced by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Known as the HUD Code, these regulations are one of the main benefits of owning a new manufactured home. The HUD Code ensures every manufactured home developed after 1976 is designed with quality engineering and is built with mandatory safety standards like fire resistance, wind safety, roof load requirements, and overall energy efficiency.

With every manufactured home developed under the protection of a factory environment, your home is safe from all harsh outdoor elements and can be constructed faster and with less waste than a site-built home. The waste from a single manufactured home could fit into one 55-gallon construction bag, wow. All of these factors translate into savings for you–our homebuyer. In many cases, the cost of a manufactured home can be as much as 45% less costly than a comparable site-built home, minus the cost of land.

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